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Contact: Judy Lee
Phone:   512-990-4888
  2700 W. Pecan, Ste. 790
Pflugerville, TX
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At Simon Lee Bakery, there is always a professional commitment to create and deliver the best wedding cake for your very special day. With more than 30 years experience, we can help you select from our uniquely - designed cakes or create your own custom - designed cake.
We work patiently with you to ensure your wedding cake will be a pinnacle point of your wedding day and yet, the cost will stay within your budget. Your cake will be baked fresh the day of your wedding using only the finest ingredients then beautifully decorated. Simon Lee Bakery has received numerous award for their cakes and pastry design, come judge for yourself.
Simon Lee Bakery was founded in 1996 by two partners, Jad Simon and Judy Lee (hence the name) Jad and Judy met each other a few years earlier while working at another popular bakery in Austin. Although they each immigrates from different parts of the world, they both have a tremendous passion for creating an art out of baking cakes.
Judy left Vietnam and came the US when she was a teenager. She inherited much of her baking talents and knowledge from her mother, who has operated many bakery businesses before. Judy attended the University of Texas and received a degree in Business Administration. After working in the banking industry for a while, she realized her passion was not with managing money but with creating elegant and artistic wedding cakes.

Jad Simon has been in the baking business all his life. A well-traveled and seasoned bakery chef, he has owned and worked at many bakeries all over the world, from Lebanon to Africa. His specialty spans a wide range from designing elegant wedding cakes to European pastries, American pies, and much more!

With a combined 25 years of experience and inspiration, Jad and Judy make an exceptional team in helping the brides and grooms design and create wonderful wedding cakes. They always put their heart and minds into perfecting the work because after all, that is their ultimate passion!