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Contact: Coby Neal
Phone:   512-236-0916
  1406 W. 6th Street
Austin, TX
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What customers are saying about The Flower Studio

The Flower Studio was listed as a preferred vendor from several of the venues where we were considering having our wedding. Once we decided on a venue I set up a meeting with Coby and he quickly got to work sketching out beautiful floral arrangements for our big day. I told him what my dress looked like and he created a cascading bouquet that completely matched the feel of the dress. Everyone at our wedding raved about the flowers and I could not have been happier with how everything turned out. Would highly, highly recommend Coby and his team to anyone looking for beautiful, elegant, and artistic flowers.

by Andrea F.

on July 25, 2013

I selected The Flower Studio for my wedding in October of 2010 and I\'m so happy that I did. The end result was over and beyond what I could have imagined. It\'s true, they are all about customer satisfaction. Coby listened to my fragmented idea of my wedding theme would be and provided valuable advice that expanded far beyond floral design. He walked me through how the tables might look (including tablecloths, candles, chair covers... etc) and really helped me figure out how to make the event beautiful and cohesive. Because I didn\'t have a wedding planner, Coby\'s advice was taken to heart and proved to be extremely valuable. Oh, and if you have a Jewish wedding, Coby will make you the most BEAUTIFUL chuppah. Mine was draped in a beautiful semi-sheer ivory cloth with tie-backs that were covered in flowing hydrangeas. It was absolutely breathtaking. I also have to note that I completely dropped the ball on bringing a ring bearer pillow (woops!) but the Flower Studio saved the day. They fashioned one out of some leftover fabric and ribbon (stuffed with whatever they had on hand) and no one even noticed!!! I don\'t know what I would have done without them!

by Stacey K.

on July 25, 2013

Coby is a true artist and has major flair with flowers. He decorated most of the major hotels downtown including The Four Seasons and Driskill for Christmas and in my opinion did a fabulous job. If you have an upcoming event or a wedding, Coby could set the scene with sophistication and glamor. Stunning creations.

by Adriana T.

on July 25, 2013

Coby Neal and The Flower Studio are the best you can get! I went into my meeting with Coby not knowing one thing about flower, just had an idea of what colors I wanted and a inkling of what I wanted them to look like. Coby took over immediately, sketching, talking, explaining and planning out what turned out the be more amazing than I had pictured! Our bouquet\'s were beautiful, I wish they could have lasted forever. The flowers, petals, and candles on our dining room tables took my breath away. The arrangements where the ceremony took place were out of this world. We had nothing but flowers as decorations and what Coby did for my wedding was all I needed. The minute we met Coby and everyone at The Flower Studio, we were treated like family. And that is exactly what every bride wishes for! We all want to feel like our day is just as important to everyone else as it is to us. That is exactly what you get from Coby Neal and The Flower Studio!!! I do have to apologize profusely to Coby, who made a second trip to my venue, The Vista on Seward Hill, to attempt to put the flowers on my cake that still was not there. I know had he been given the chance to arrange those flowers like he intended, they would have

by Nikki

on July 25, 2013

Recently chose Flower Studio for flowers for my wedding on July 14th, and let me say I AM SO GLAD I DID!! Co by was amazing! He listened and did a detailed sketch and consultation over what I wanted before taking any of my money or me committing to anything. Which was a change from a lady who wanted $50 for an initial consultation. Coby was very up front about the cost of what I wanted and did what ever he could to advise us on ideas to cut some corners. I am so thankful for his floral arrangements because another company we used for decor did not come through with what we asked and the amazing floral arrangements distracted from the bach decor job. Coby was actually there for the ceremony and start and clean up of the reception to make sure everything looked perfect, which as awesome!! The receptionist, CJ, is also very sweet and on top of everything which always makes a world of difference! I would recommend ANYONE use the Flower Studio for any events! They are amazing!

by Brittany E.

on July 25, 2013

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