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Amy Sonnen & Dr. Tim Vachris
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by Carlea J. Photography
Of all the wedding disasters that a bride fears, the complete destruction of her chosen venue is probably on a list of frightening but highly inconceivable concerns. A mere two weeks from Amy Sonnen's planned marriage to Dr. Timothy Vachris, the staff at the highly acclaimed Barr Mansion was sadly forced to contact the engaged couple with the devastating news that the Artisan Ballroom had burned to the ground after being struck by lightning. more >
Christina Romeo & Reed Becker
written by Kristen Eichenmuller | photography by aimage
Christina Romeo and Reed Becker's romantic tale stems from the moment they locked eyes during a night out with friends, and a compelling conversation left a lasting impression. "Reed was so charming and hilarious. I couldn't help myself from agreeing to see him again," remembers Christina, who knew her job would soon move her outside of Houston, Texas. more >
Lynnsey Jones & Josh Hastie
written by Kristen Eichenmuller | photography by Bruce Covill Photography
Lynnsey Jones and Josh Hastie's love story proves that falling in love with the boy next door happens outside of Hollywood's storylines. When the 18-year-old Texas State University student laid eyes on the attractive, long-haired 21-year-old moving in next door, she asked him to join her on a study break on the porch during the summer of 2001. more >
Mary Zuniga & Matt Johnson
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by
It either takes a very adventurous bride or one who is merely used to the creative energy of a talented photographer to agree that hopping a barbed-wire fence in her wedding dress is a perfectly acceptable request for getting the perfect shot. Perhaps both can be said about Mary Zuniga who did just that for a pre-ceremony photo shoot on the day of her wedding. "I do not recommend that kind of a stunt to other brides; but for my photographer groom, I was willing to go the distance!" Mary described. more >
Rachel Rothermel & Phillip Rogers
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by Jenny DeMarco Photography
One might not assume that an aspiring actor with a penchant for Shakespeare and a small-town girl who was a member of the Peace Corps would have many things in common, but Phillip and Rachel defied the odds when they first met. Although they are self-described as "exactly opposite in every way," the two of them immediately clicked as a couple and began a relationship that quickly progressed to conversations of their future together. "It was like finding the missing pieces of each other," said Rachel. more >
Sophie Sarvari & Kennon Sweat
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by Matt Montalvo Photography
Despite the fact that Sophie and Kennon were born on different continents, they both consider Texas their home. While Kennon was born and raised in the small East Texas town of Bridge City, Sophie found herself transplanted to the Lone Star State a little later in life. She was born in England and lived in multiple countries due to her father's job but found a new home in Texas at the age of fourteen when the family was transferred to Houston. It would be several more years, however, before she crossed paths with her future husband. more >
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Rachel Shipley & Garett Hagendorf
written by Beth Stockwell | photography by Silver Plate Photography
In the well-known children’s story The Tortoise and the Hare, two animals raced against each other. On a gorgeous day in late March, a metaphoric tortoise and hare raced toward each other and met at the altar. Rachel Shipley and Garett Hagendorf have affectionately made this children’s story their own. Rachel, the hare, is a multi-tasker and Garett, the tortoise, has been the yin to her yang, as he is organized, logical and steady. Their beautiful wedding at Kali Kate Farms in Buda, Texas solidified that they were in the race of life together as a team. more >
Kristen Tenney & Joshua Kuhlman
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by Dustin Meyer Photography
Marriage was the furthest thing from Kristen Tenney’s mind when she met future husband Joshua Kuhlman. However, despite her belief that she was someone who would never get married, she soon came to the realization that her life would change because of Joshua. “The first time I ever saw him, I knew I was going to marry him,” said Kristen. more >
Ashley Quincey & Jacob Flood
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by Jeff Loftin Photography
A July 29th birthday was not the only thing that Ashley Quincy and Jacob Flood discovered they had in common after meeting in the fall of 2007. Ashley had moved to Austin only weeks before the two of them were introduced by friends at a local church service. Just barely a month after meeting and getting to know each other, Jacob and Ashley had their first date. It was then that they both realized how their equally light-hearted personalities and deeply-rooted faith made them an ideal match. “That was when we really fell hard for each other,” said Ashley. more >
Davi Killion & Jonathan Ingram
written by Katie Chancellor | photography by Alex M. Photography
Davi Killion met Jonathan Ingram when they were both young teenagers taking tennis lessons at the local country club, but it would be many years before their relationship truly began. After crossing paths many times in the small town of Palestine, Texas but never actually getting to know each other, the two of them finally reconnected in late 2008. more >